Lenten Reflections

Join us in reading Kerry Flemington's reflections:

Throughout this season, remember that those who sit down the pew from you, those who fill the choir loft, and those who come late and leave early, are gathering around these words to begin a journey towards Christ. We are one in this season, walking and growing together.

Ash Wednesday

"Over the sum total of our lives, we will be able to mark the sacred times together, each of us looking back on what might have been personally, a time of distress or joy. And yet, in either situation, we will have been Christ's hands of love to one another, carrying each other's burdens and washing one another's feet."

Lent Week 1

"And just as a piece of art tells us about the artist that created it, the beauty of this world gives us glimmers of its untainted perfection, telling us about the goodness of God himself.  In the midst of that, he created us, humankind, in his own image. Why? Because by creating us in his likeness, he now has the opportunity to commune with his own creation, to interact with us, to fellowship with us."

Lent Week 2

"...this exposes an incredible duality that exists in these first two chapters - a God that is all powerful, all knowing, creating the universe and all its amazing complexity by calling it into being. Right alongside that, we have the personal God; the God who creates us to be with him."

Lent Week 3

"Suddenly, however, the words begin to turn towards a message of hope. Water will satiate a parched land, the weak will be strengthened, and joy will make its return.... there, in the middle of all that darkness and destruction, he makes for us a highway of holiness. "

Lent Week 4

"Yes, this is a journey of the weary hearted longing for more from this life. I think that sums up a vast majority of people treading the earth, if we’re honest. But what makes us losers in particular, is what we’ve put our hope in; or more accurately, who we’ve put our hope in."

Lent Week 5

"These were not perfect people making a perfect man.  They were imperfect people in difficult circumstances, used by a perfect God, to show us that we belong too."

Lent Week 6

"As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, 'If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.'..."