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OCTOBER 18, 25 and NOVEMBER 8 from 7-8pm on Zoom
Love (All) Your Neighbours - Three week evening teaching session with Delmar Epp from CMU:

Jesus' great commandment asks us to "love our neighbours as ourselves," yet we know that people often fail to treat one another with dignity and love. Media reports are replete with stories of mistreatment of those deemed to be "other." From the perspective of social psychology, our sessions will explore the factors that lead to mistreatment and exclusion of others, and suggestions for ways that we might work to become more welcoming of all neighbours.
Session 1 (October 18) reviews cognitive factors that lead to stereotyping and exclusion, that is, habits of mind that emphasize differences among us. We see that often, the source of unhelpful distinctions among individuals and groups involves some very simple, everyday cognitive habits.  
Session 2 (October 25) explores personal motives that cause us to limit our circles of neighbours and acquaintances.We find that tendencies to exclude others serve some fundamental personal needs, and thus create a motive to divide, rather than include. We also examine individual differences that contribute to these tendencies.
Session 3 (November 8) considers strategies to overcome these tendencies to remain exclusive, and to foster communities where all are welcome and valued.

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