January 6 - EPIPHANY

Four weeks of Advent, 11 days of Christmas and now Epiphany – the 12th and final day of the Christmas season. Advent recognizes our longing and yearning for God. Christmas celebrates Emmanuel – God with us. While Christmas celebrates the Incarnation – the Word made flesh, Epiphany celebrates Jesus’s divinity – the manifestation of God in the world for the world. Jesus came for everyone not just for a select tribe or group of people.

The story of the Magi tells of astrologers who follow a star….a star created by the One who lay waiting their arrival in a humble, filthy animal stall. So captivated by the light of the star and the humility of the child, they worship, they bow down, they give gifts. And, they change their way home. No longer can they travel the same path that brought them there. The Christ child – the Word who was in the beginning of all things created – was forming within them a new beginning. Transformation was taking place and they could no longer go back the way they came.

Such is the illuminating light of Christ that comes into the world and into our lives. Change happens. We cannot go back the way we came. Our eyes, minds and hearts have been opened to new ways of seeing, thinking and being and we cannot go back to the way we were before.

Jesus is the light of the world, the true light that enlightens everyone.
Epiphany launches us into the celebration of the good news for everyone.
Jesus - God in the flesh is with us. Joy to the world!

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