When we fall in love, or share in a deep friendship, what each values is just this uniqueness, this otherness that is both similar and complimentary yet distinct. The lover's "I love you because you are you" puts its finger on it. What I am claiming is that this is what God says to each one, and what makes each of us unique and irreplaceable is not that we are unusually gifted in some way. It lies rather (and here is the heart of it) in that personal, intimate relationship with God which is mine and mine alone. In some amazing sense I matter to God because nothing and no-one else in his whole creation can reflect his love back to him in exactly the same way.
- Michael Mayne, This Sunrise of Wonder

Simply living next to others is not enough. The spirit of neighborhood means practicing the Golden Rule, when near dwellers treat others the way they hope to be treated. When we love our neighbor as ourselves, we build sacred connections between the spaces we inhabit.
- Diana Butler-Bass, Grounded

For the 4th week of Advent the focus is on LOVE. If you are using the At-Home Advent Retreat material I welcome you to leave your response here. We will all benefit from the wider conversation.

Many blessings on your Advent waiting...

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